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The birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami. It is and annual celebration which marks the birth of Lord Krishna who is considered to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu calendar this religious festival is celebrated on Aatham. Lord Krishna was born at midnight.

Janmashtami is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm at the Shree Pretoria Hindu Seva Samaj. It is very important to preserve our religion and culture as well as the Gujarati language. We organize a beautiful , vibrant and colourful show where our Gujarati school, Balmandir and varies other local groups performed dance items in the name of Lord Krishna. There is always variety in the show which captivates the audience right to the end. People gather in the courtyard to celebrate Matki Phor. They dance to fun songs before little Krishna reached up for the sweets in the Matki. Kids enjoy this celebration and cannot wait to get some sweets. Panjari is given out as Prasad.  Around 400 people attend this function.