Revised Tariffs for Services of Resident Priest – 2019

Below please find the revised tariffs for various religious services provided by the resident priest of the SPHSS that become effective for all bookings made for dates from 1 January 2019. Please take note that these tariffs should be viewed strictly as a GUIDELINE and that members of the community are free to give anamount less than or greater than the amount stated. Please also note that upon agreeing on the date and time of a specific function/ ceremony with the priest, the office will send you a notice of confirmation together with the Samaj banking details. Kindly effect payment within 7 days of confirmation of booking. Receipts will be issued for cash payments although direct deposits or EFT payments are preferred. Cancellations made within 7 days of the booked date will be refunded.

The tariffs for 2019 are as follows:

Katha 2 hrs R351.00
Havan / Shanti Havan 1 hr + 30mins R301.00
Katha & Havan 2 hrs + 30mins R601.00
Vastu 3 hrs + 30mins R551.00
Car Pooja 20 mins R301.00
Bhumi Poojan 30 mins R251.00
Garud Puran 1 hr + 30 mins R251.00
Shrimant 2 hrs R551.00
Ganesh Pooja, Pithi, Mandva Muhurat 1 hr R301.00
Mayidev Matla 30 min R251.00
Gruh Shanti 2 hr R551.00
Wedding 1 hr 30mins R1001.00
Wedding whole package Approx. 5 hours R2001.00
Agnisanskar (at crematorium) 30 mins R0.00
Aasthi Visarjan 10 mins R0.00
Dashmu to Termu (all) 4 hrs R351.00
Varshi or Mahina 2 hrs R301.00
Pitru Tarpan 1 hrs R251.00
  • Please note that the Samaj will not charge for funeral services conducted by our priest. However, individuals are free to give any amount to the priest as a token of appreciation.
  • Please note that the fee tariff amount listed above goes into the Samaj Account and is used to pay the priest a salary. However, individuals are free to give a separate Daxina (Donation) to the priest, if they so wish, as a token of appreciation to him for services rendered.
Tariffs for individual consultations, astrological advice, or any other type of service not mentioned above, is at the discretion of the individuals concerned.
Please also note that all bookings must be confirmed through the office and appointments are made on a strictly “first come, first served” basis. In the event of a diary clash, the office will attempt to provide a substitute priest.
The above tariffs for the services of our priest will be reviewed in January 2020.
Hari Om Tat Sat