The Pretoria Navyug Mandal has a chequered history in that they were formed a few years after that of the Samaj in the late 1930’s as an independent body that catered to the needs of Gujarati youth. This youth group played a significant role in providing the youngsters of Pretoria healthy outlets whilst simultaneously serving as a nursery for the leadership talent of the Samaj. It was the Navyug Mandal who introduced the annual Hanuman Chalisa to the point where it occupies pride of place in the list of cultural events celebrated in Laudium. Young bhajan groups sprang from the Navyug Mandal which culminated in the production of devotional CD’s. It was also the Navyug Mandal who worked tirelessly to establish a thriving student loan fund that today has assisted many deserving students to pursue the career of their dreams.

However, like many similar organisations it went through periods of dormancy. After the unfortunate events of 2008 when both the Samaj and the Navyug were defrauded of large sums of money, a decision was taken to incorporate the Navyug Mandal into the Samaj as part of the drive to introduce new governance processes and procedures.

Today, the revived youth wing is flourishing without a doubt! Youth are being engaged from religious, cultural, social, spiritual and personal development perspectives.

The Pretoria Navyuga Mandal hosts a multitude of events that allow youth to engage with each other, learn from each other and have a great deal of fun at the same time.

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