The primary objective of the Finance Team is to lay the foundation for a transparent and accountable system whereby the funds of the Samaj are dealt with efficiently and in the best interest of the community.


The Finance team of the Samaj have the onerous task of ensuring that the financial books of record of the Samaj are a true and accurate reflection of the finances of the body. To this end, the finance portfolio prepares monthly management financial accounts, have established proper financial controls and systems, assist the portfolios in producing annual budgets for their portfolios, ensure the prompt collection and banking of all hire, rental & school fees, maintain an asset register, and finally ensure that the Samaj receives an unqualified audit.


Notable recent successes include ensuring that every employee is registered with the Receiver of Revenue, establishing the organisation’s Non-Profit and Public Benefit (NPO & PBO) organisation status, and ensuring that all tenants of the Samaj Marabastad Centre have tenancy agreements.